Andy Anand’s Chocolate covered Cherry 1 lbs, Wooden Mahogany Wine Case, for Birthday, Valentine Day, Gourmet Christmas Holiday Food Gifts, Thanksgiving Halloween, Mothers day, Fathers Day, Unique

An Elegant, High Quality Wine Gift Set with Dark Cherry Coated Chocolate 1lbs, Wine Gift Box with Accessories, wine not included.

Perfect for all wine enthusiasts, the Corkscrew Wine Opener Box Set The ergonomic wine opener offers stainless steel construction and a chrome finish. A great gift for any event, for both men and women. With its sleek modern look, high quality stainless steel moving parts and elegant design, this wine accessories kit can serve as a gift for any happy event, such as Christmas, wedding, housewarming, garden party or birthday.

Everything You Need to Open and Serve a Bottle of Wine:

Classic Lever Style Wine Opener. Wine Bottle Stopper. A Drip Stop Ring. An Aerator Pourer.

Chocolate is delicious. For most, it occupies an exalted position other sweet treats only dream of achieving. It’s surprising to think, then, that all the glorious nuances present in cacao beans—the ingredient that sets chocolate apart from other sugary snacks—are actually quite foreign to our modern palates. This is because large-scale factory operations, not nature, have dictated the flavor of chocolate over the last 50 years.

The result of this process is chocolate that merely alludes to the flavor most of us crave. With the help of Andy Anand Chocolate that emphasizes, instead of homogenizes, the exquisite flavor of cacao. Andy Anand takes special care to tailor to the flavor of the beans they source, ensuring that each mouthful is laden with something our taste buds have been yearning for—the flavor of real chocolate.


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Product Features

  • DELICIOUS DARK CHOCOLATE COATED CHERRIES: These sinfully delicious Dark Chocolate covered Cherries are our most popular chocolate treat and are perfect for every occasion. Your love ones will be delighted at the chance to eat something new and exotic that they rarely get to try.
  • THE IDEAL GIFT FOR WINE LOVERS – This elegant, high quality and all-in-one set is ideal for wine lovers and wine enthusiasts, and it is also an amazing gift idea for many occasions. Whether it is a birthday gift, a wedding reception, a housewarming, an anniversary celebration, a garden party or Christmas, this stylish wine accessories kit will make anyone happy.
  • EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO OPEN AND SERVE A GLASS OF WINE – Your search for the perfect wine opener set is over. This wine set gets you covered and includes everything you need to fully enjoy your favorite wine – this set contains a high quality wine corkscrew, wine aerator, wine collar (drip ring), bottle stopper.
  • HANDMADE CHOCOLATES: Each Batch is Handmade and dipped in Premium Chocolate in Small quantity to bring out the taste. Result is Amazing mouth watering Delicacies.
  • SINGLE SOURCED: Chocolate Comes from Single Source more like Single Malt Whiskey, from a Farm in Brazil and has been growing Cacao for us for Years. Totally different taste than from Mass Produced Chocolates.