Easter Gift Basket for Kids and Adults (50ct) – Already Filled wrapped with Plush Easter Bunny, Chocolate, Candy, Peeps, and Toys – Boys, Girls, Grandchildren, Young Children, Toddlers, Men, Women

Easter Gift Basket (40ct)

Product Features

  • GIFT BASKET PACKAGING: This Easter Gift Basket is presented as a Gift. It is already filled. All items are standing up just like they are in the picture! The basket is then wrapped in plastic and tied at the top with a beautiful bow. The wrapped basket is then packaged in our Easter-themed Box and shipped right to your door. It’s pre-made so you don’t have to do any of the work! This prepared, filled, and stuffed Easter Basket is a great gift or use items as Basket fillers or stuffers.
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEE – Each Easter Basket includes an index card with our support contact. If you have any problems, contact us and we will quickly respond and solve your issue. Great service is so important to us and we will refund you if you’re not happy with your purchase
  • FOR KIDS AND ADULTS: Perfect Easter Gift Basket for Kids, Toddlers, Teens, and Adults! Delivers Love from Home!! Express your love with this Mix! It’s an Easter Basket Kit that has already been made with all items included, wrapped, and tied with a ribbon. Great way to send your love. There is even enough in this gift basket for kids and toddlers to share with their friends and family. They will love all the Easter Bunnies and Easter-themed contents and especially the cute Plush Bunny Rabbit!
  • EASTER 2020: Happy Easter Basket! Includes favorite and popular Easter Chocolates, Candy, Activities, Toys, Plush Easter Bunny Rabbit! This is the Perfect Easter Morning Gift! Great for young children and kids – First Easter, newborn, year old boy, year old girl, or for adults! Great for Teens and Toddlers! Or under 10 years of age. It really is the perfect pre-filled, pre-made, already-filled, already-made, pre wrapped, Easter Gift Basket! Delish! Big, large, cute, nice, value, quality, amazing
  • GIFT BASKET DIMENSIONS: 15in x 14in x 10in. High-Quality Brown Wicker and Bamboo Basket. Solid, sturdy, XL, wrapped in cellophane. You can also include a FREE Gift Message during checkout. Send this to show your love, care, and affection, better than a flower bouquet, or carrots, in this basket there are chick stickers and toys, it’s so colorful, use the quality basket for an Easter egg Hunt in the grass, You will not be disappointed with this Holiday Spring Seasonal Basket on Easter Sunday!