ÉLEVER Whiskey Stones and Whiskey Glass Bar Accessories Gift Set – Chilling Rocks, 2 Drinking Glasses, Tongs – Best Personalized Whiskey Glasses Birthday Gifts for Women, Men, Bourbon, Scotch


Full control over your drinking experience! Our chilling whiskey stones offer you mastery over the temperature and dilution. Construct your cocktail to desired taste, use our chilled rocks to maintain that temperature down to your final sip!


Experts says the ideal way to drink whiskey is:

Neat with a few drops of water, 60-65 °F (15-18 °C), just below room temp

Our stones have been tailored to achieve this indefinitely! The sizes of our rocks were precisely cut to give the optimum surface area per stone to cool your drink. Our team experimented all techniques and materials to produce the perfect whiskey stones for YOUR drinking pleasure!


Our chilling stones can be used for any alcohol. Neutral with zero taste and smell! Need a colder glass of wine? Throw in some chilling stones!


Never worry about deterioration! Basalt forms from Earth’s bedrock through naturally occurring magma and lava processes. We refine them to produce one of the most durable, strong and fine-grained textured raw stones in the world, with lifecycles of millions of years. They were handcrafted so it will not cut your glass!


Rinse Store in the freezer with velvet bag for 3-4 hrs Place chilled stones in your drink to your liking REPEAT!

Your perfect drink doesn’t get simpler!


‘Elever’ is French for ‘elevate’, and that is exactly what we do. We elevate products to new heights, giving renewed sense of life, offering you fresh new lifestyles!

So treat yourself! Sit back, relax and allow us to pour you a drink!

Product Features

  • 🤘 DRINK LIKE A MASTER – Chilling cubes have been the preferred choice by connoisseurs of fine spirits to achieve the perfect taste. Say goodbye to ice shakers! Our Whiskey stones are the future of reusable ice cubes and are specifically engineered to quickly cool your drink to its optimal temperature.
  • 🍹PERFECTION UNTIL THE LAST SIP – Ever had your drink watered down after just a few minutes? Unlike ice cubes, our basalt stones guarantee zero dilution while preserving the flavor, aroma and smooth profile. Our whiskey stones gift set is perfectly usable with liquor shot glasses, tumbler, why live life compromised?
  • 🥃HIGHEST QUALITY AND CRAFTSMANSHIP – Basalt is the GOLD standard of cooling stones in term of chilling properties and unique coloring. The rock was meticulously handcrafted to smooth out the edges, providing a better surface area than whiskey bullets or whiskey skulls. Certified and FDA approved, our whiskey stones and glass set is 100% safe, tasteless, reusable and durable.
  • 🍺IMPRESS WITH STYLE – Add to your Bar Set! Our whiskey glass set complements your cigars, whiskey decanter, shot glass, beer glasses and fathers day decorations. During this thanksgiving or Christmas holidays, gift cool gifts for boyfriend or mens gifts, if not, bring out that Jack Daniels or Glencairn whiskey glass to savor the barrel!
  • 🥂SOPHISTICATED AND COMPLETE SET – We are the ONLY BRAND that offer a full bar accessories set. Our awesome engraved wooden box is designed to double as decor. Looking for a unique gift? This makes the best personalized gifts for him, anniversary gifts for men, gifts for dad, boyfriend gifts, groomsmen gifts, retirement gifts or mother’s day gifts for daughter!