First Landings Baby Socks Set | Adorable Quotes, 6 Pairs and Gift Packaging | Best Gender Neutral Baby Gifts | Funny Baby Shower Gift for Boys or Girls

Top 5 Reasons Why Our BABY SOCKS SET IS LOVED by Amazon Customers!

Each of the 6 pairs features an original expression sure to make your friends and family laugh. Mothers, fathers, grandmas, aunts and uncles will all chuckle at the cute quotes bonded firmly on the soles of each sock.

Trust us, we get it — finding the perfect gift can be challenging. You want just the right balance of sentimentality and humor, and you want it without breaking the bank! After years of struggling to find cute, affordable, creative gifts for friends who had become new moms and dads, a crazy idea hit us…. why not make one? Well… we did… and now we get the pleasure of sharing our product with all of you!

Made from a soft and durable cotton blend, and complete with an elastic stretch material, our baby socks generally fit newborns from 6-18 months (perhaps sooner for larger babies!). And unlike other competitors on the market, the texts on our socks are printed with eco-friendly inks permanently bonded to the soles, guaranteeing they never wash off!

Struggling to find the perfect unisex gift? We’ve got you covered. Our socks set features three beautiful neutral color tones – Dove White, Comfort Grey and Warm Beige – that perfectly complement any infant boy or girl.

This incredible value is 100% guaranteed. You risk absolutely nothing. The complete set is backed by an unconditional 100% one year no-risk, no-nonsense money back guarantee.

Product Features

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    A HIT AT ANY BABY SHOWER – There’s always that one gift that surprises the crowd and grabs all the attention. Show up to your next baby shower with the utmost confidence knowing your one-of-a-kind gift will bring tears of laughter to your friends and family. The unique concept, complemented by our adorable, gift-ready packaging, makes our baby socks set an absolute must have!

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    PERFECT FOR BABY BOYS OR GIRLS – We’ve chosen light, unisex colors, and gender neutral expressions, to complement any newborn boy or girl (and even twins!). The Dove White, Comfort Grey and Warm Beige coloring guarantees a perfect match to any newborn outfit or set of clothes – whoever said your baby can’t have style?!

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    PERSONALITY STARTS EARLY! – The First Landings™ baby socks set includes 6 unique pairs of socks each with its own adorable quote intended to bring laughter to any room. Just wait till grandma sees the newest addition to the family crawling around in socks that read: “If You Mess With Me, You Mess With Grandma!” Remember, they’re never too young for a sense of humor!

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    PREMIUM QUALITY AND DESIGN – Made from a soft, durable cotton blend, the First Landings™ baby socks will gently support a baby’s sensitive skin. The expressions are carefully printed with eco-friendly inks permanently bonded to the soles of each sock, providing the durability needed to never wash off.

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    A GIFT FOR ALL OCCASIONS – In addition to making the best present for any new mom or dad, our funny baby socks can be a perfect gift for all holidays or special events – Baby Registry, Birthdays, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Easter, Christmas, Hanukkah, Halloween and more!