Large Car Bow, 16″ Wide – Hunter Green, Christmas, Gift Bow, Birthday, Anniversary, Decoration, Classroom, Office, Fundraiser, Gift Basket, Presents, Boxing Day, St. Patrick’s Day

The 16″ car bow is perfect for decorating cars, extra large gifts, in-store merchandise, grand openings, parties, theme events and more. Each bow comes with two 36″ ribbon tails for additional gift effect. Bows are shipped fully made and ready to use out of the box.

Product Features

  • Big decorative gift bow, shipped fully assembled, approximately 16″ wide with two matching ribbon tails that create a total length of 42″ from top of bow to bottom of tails
  • An abundance of ribbon makes it stand almost 7″ high from on top of a flat surface
  • Made with thick, durable, weatherproof, florist quality ribbon that will always keep a vibrant color
  • Includes a plastic suction cup with a hook on the bottom for easy attachment to glass or metal surfaces, and two long ribbon strings that can be used if the bow needs to be tied or hung
  • Full and fluffy ribbon bow perfect for very large gifts such as cars, motorcycles, boats, and appliances