LazyMe Clear Basket Cellophane Bags Shrink Wrap Bags Cello Bags for Gift Basket, 14×20 inch (20 pcs)


Size: 14X20 inch

Quantity: 20pcs

Color: Clear

How to use ?

Step 1: Wrap – Place your item in the bag

Step 2: Seal – Completely seal the open end of the bag with an impulse heat sealer or strong tape

Step 3: Shrink – On low setting, hold your hair dryer or heat gun 5″ from the surface of the bag. Starting from one end of the bag, heat the bag until it begins shrinking.

(Be careful not to apply heat to the same area for an extended period of time).

Your Best Decision Ever!

LazyMe basket cellophane bags comes packaged extremely well,they are durable and sturdy, crystal clear, very easy to use. They protected the baskets just like your need them to.

Our shrink warp bags are perfect for Easter baskets,Christmas baskets,silent auction baskets,baby shower basket,raffle basket, and other gift baskets. It’s also good for wrapping pictures or other gifts. They will make your baskets look great!

LazyMe,take it easy!

Product Features

  • Size: 14 x 20 inch. Our cellophane wrap bags can fit most baskets or gift boxes.(bow and baskets are not inclued).
  • High-quality materials:The elegant crystal clear cello basket bags are made from Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) material.
  • Thickness: LazyMe shrink warp bags are 2.5 mils (single side) thickness. Fairly strong and won’t tear when you take your baskets to your friends.
  • Easy to wrap: With the ability to shrink up 50% to any form and the shrink effect was easily achieved. The wrap shrank very fast on the high setting of a hand held hair dryer.
  • Wide Applications: LazyMe basket cellophane bags are great for wrapping Easter baskets,Christmas baskets,silent auction baskets,baby shower basket,raffle baskets.