Monster Boogies – Halloween Candy 6-Pack | Franken Boogies, Witch Boogies, Bat Boogies | Gluten Free. Nut Free. Dairy Free. Egg Free. | A Boogers Candy

Scary Delicious Monsters!
Have a scary good time with our Monster Boogies 6-Pack! 2 vials of candy per monster! Have a frightening good time enjoying our very cute Halloween Boogers collection! Great for Halloween parties as edible party favors or tasty treats!

Keep the monsters for yourself or share with friends. It’s up to you. Either way, this pack is frightfully awesome!

Product Features

  • CUTE and FUN HALLOWEEN CANDY Monster Characters! Naturally GLUTEN, DAIRY, NUT, SOY and EGG FREE!
  • FRANKEN BOOGIES – Key Lime and Cherry Candy Pebbles
  • WITCH BOOGIES – Wild Berry, Cherry & Orange Candy Pebbles
  • BAT BOOGIES – Wild Cherry & Black Cherry Candy Pebbles
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