Nut Haven Gourmet sweet & salty Nut Gift Basket/Box ~ variety of freshly roasted 7 section nut tray ~ Great for: Corporate, Holiday, Birthday, Get well, Thank you, Men & Women, snack ~ Prime

Product Description:

The most discerning customers – prestigious corporations, retail outlets and hospitality venues – choose Nut Haven gift baskets because they know that no corners are cut. Simply, Nut Haven gift baskets look the best and taste the best.

Now, you and your loved ones can enjoy them too!

A Nut Haven gift basket is just an awesome choice to send best wishes and love to anyone, for any occasion: “I love you”; “Happy Birthday”; “Happy Anniversary”; “Happy Holiday”; “We appreciate your business”; “You have been selected as Employee of the Year”; “Get Well Soon”; “It’s a Boy!”; “It’s a Girl”; “I’m Sorry”…They all sound better – and taste better! – with Nut Haven.

There are nuts…and then there are Nut Haven nuts

A bunch of nuts in a batch may look the same to most of us, but the mavens at Nut Haven know the difference between a typical nut and spectacular nut. The only nuts that make it into a Nut Haven basket are those that are naturally rich in taste and texture and have been roasted to perfection along with that perfect flavor.

The Macadamia

This special gift basket features glazed macadamia. Macadamia are known to be the most expensive and best tasting nuts in the world. The macadamia tree originates from Australia and can only be cultivated in unique soil and climates. The tree only produces nuts after 7-10 years – but they are sure worth the wait!

Macadamia nuts are not only heavenly in taste; they are very healthy too. They are cholesterol free but rich in antioxidants, Vitamin A, iron, protein and other beneficial nutrients.

Product Features

  • Elegantly packaged gift basket filled with gourmet nuts
  • An ideal gift for any occasion: corporate, holiday or personal
  • Everyone loves the contents: Toffee peanuts, glazed macadamia, dry roasted salted almonds, dry roasted salted pistachios, glazed peanuts, dry roasted salted cashews and glazed pecans
  • Each treat is meticulously prepared using premium ingredients only, then selected and packaged by hand
  • Certified kosher by the OK.