Oh! Nuts Hexagon Gourmet Snack Tray Purim Gift Box | Seven-Section Corporate Prime Shalach Manos | Delivery of Roasted Cashews & Almonds, Chocolate Bonbons, Truffles, Swiss Fruit Candies & Hamantachen


Product Features

  • SHALACH MANOT GIFT TRAY WITH WIDE SNACK VARIETY: This gift box comes with foil-wrapped fine chocolate truffles, bright Swiss fruit candies, choc-covered snack treats, perfectly roasted cashews, salted almonds & traditional Purim pastry Hamantachen.
  • DURABLE TRAY WITH SEVEN SEE-THROUGH SECTIONS: Thanks to the sturdy hard plastic Purim gift basket, all the delicious snacks stay in place. The resealable see-through lid showcases the beautiful Mishloach Manos while keeping them fresh & tasty.
  • GIFT BASKET FOR CORPORATE GIFTING AT ITS FINEST: This lavish Purim gift tray gives your business gift a pop of color in addition to providing an array of tastes & texture, combining quality & tradition in one neat Purim box for coworkers and clients
  • FRESH ASSORTMENT OF VEGAN PURIM GOODIES: These treats are dairy- & meat-free, vegan, pareve, and supervised from start to finish under rabbinical observation to ensure they are kosher according to the highest standards, including Pas Yisroel.
  • QUICK TO ORDER, DELIVERED FAST AND EASY TO PACK: Order online and this gorgeous tray will make it to your or the recipient’s house in time for Purim. And it’s great for those traveling this Purim who need an easy-to-pack stack of Purim care packages.