Picnic Backpack Set for 2 to 4 With Blanket, Wine Stand & Glasses, Cutlery, Dinnerware, Detachable Insulated Waterproof Compartment Pouch In The Cooler, Great Picnic Basket For Family Outdoor Camping

Finish Your Outdoor Adventure In The Best Way Possible

It’s been a long day. After your adventure with your friends or family, it’s time for a break.

And what better way to have some rest or end your day than with a nice picnic.

Just you, your favorite people, nice wine, nature, and sunset.

Why Picnic Backpack Is Your Best Choice For Your Supplies

When you’re planning a picnic, camping, or maybe a romantic trip, packing your food and drink into a picnic basket seems like the best choice.

However, baskets can’t be carried long. And they lack some of the important features that picnic backpacks have.

Picnic backpacks are easy to carry. Our backpack comes with soft-padded shoulder straps, and a top-mounted carry handle, which makes carrying easy and comfortable.

Our backpack also comes with everything you need for a nice 4-person picnic.

This backpack will keep your wine cold, and your food warm, thanks to the insulated lining and detachable waterproof inner pouch in the cooler compartment. Nothing worse than a warm wine, and cold toast.

With our picnic backpack, your picnic will be perfect.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

TRY this picnic backpack for 30 days. Have as many picnics as possible. And if you’re not 100% thrilled with it, we’ll give you your money back.

But we’re sure that won’t be needed because, as one customer wrote in reviews: “Compared to what else is out there, this is definitely the best price wise and quality wise.”

Finally, The Missing Piece That Your Picnics Lacked Is Here

No more forgotten glasses, plates, napkins. No more warm drinks or spoiled foods. And no more fighting over who’s gonna carry the basket.

With our all-in-one picnic backpack, your picnics will be as easy as grab-n-go.

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Product Features

  • ❤️ THE ONLY PICNIC BACKPACK WITH WINE GLASS STANDS! Have you ever been on a picnic, but don’t have a stable place to hold your drink? Get ready to have all of your picnic wants and needs met with our deluxe Picnic Backpack Set!
  • 🌟 #1 DELUXE FAMILY PICNIC BACKPACK- Are you ready to create the most luxurious picnic of your life? It all starts with our high-end Frux Picnic Backpack Set! It includes cutlery, napkins, an outdoor family blanket, dinnerware, wine glasses, a cutting board & knife, and more!
  • ❤️ KEEP YOUR FOOD FRESH & APPETIZING! Do you want your food to be fresh and delicious by the time you’re ready to eat it on your family picnic? We included a detachable insulated cooler bag to keep your food edible and delicious!
  • 🌟 COOL. COMPREHENSIVE COMFORT. You want more than just physical comfort in a picnic backpack. You want more than your drinks staying cold or hot, and the convenience of having plates, utensils, and napkins. It is the comfort of your romantic date or family picnic going so well, that you feel the love on a whole new level!
  • ❤️ ENJOY OUR “PERFECT PICNIC” PROMISE! We’re so confident that you’ll adore the memories you’ve made as much as this premium Lux picnic backpack and the delicious “eats” you have inside, that if your family isn’t absolutely in awe by your level of preparation, contact us right away and we’ll make it right!