Pubs.: Journal Notebook, Blank Sketchbook To Write In, To Sketch In, To Draw In, Gifts for St Patricks Day and Irish

This is a 100 page, unlined journal or sketchbook, 6×9 inches (15 x 23 centimeters). There is a lined table of contents section in the front to assist in organizing your information and works of art!

Great for any artist, writer, or journalist, this notebook allows you to let your creativity flow. Great for projects at home or on the go, available without the need to charge a battery or download an application!

Ideas for this journal sketchbook:

•Drawing: Whether you’re simply doodling or sketching a masterpiece, these pages have no lines, allowing for freehand to draw and color your art.

•Journaling: These versatile pages allow for any size and skill of handwriting, allowing for doodling and sketching alongside your work.

•Taking Notes: Great for any class or organization, they allow for jotting down notes and any illustrations you need to help you succeed.

•Planner: With no lines, this notebook allows you to organize your calendar, lists, dates and names any way you wish.•Writing: Fiction or nonfiction- no matter what genre you enjoy to write, this notebook provides room for you to become the next best-selling author.

•Logging: This journal is great for keeping track of fitness goals, passwords, finances, addresses, invoices- whatever else you need to log.

•Scrapbooking and other paper crafts: The blank, durable pages allow for any kind of crafting and keepsakes to treasure and collect.

Whether a sketchbook, a notebook, a logbook, or journal, the only limitation is your imagination!

Blank Notebooks and Journals make wonderful gifts for any occasion and are a great alternative to the traditional birthday or holiday card. Consider a notebook the next time you need a:

Teacher Gift
Thank You GiftHousewarming Gift
Birthday GiftHoliday Gift

Blank Notebooks and Journals also make great:

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And so much more!