RiffSpheres Gigantic Donut Pool Float Raft – Red Summer Giant Inflatable Donut Pool Floats Tube With Frosting. (Perfect Christmas Gifts Baskets Ideas & Halloween Costume For Kids – Dad – Mom)

Gigantic Red Swirl Donut Pool Float/Floaties Lounger Ride-On – Swimming Pool Floats For Adults And For Kids

With mouthwatering sparkling sprinkles and an enormous bite taken out of it, this pool raft and inflatable ride-on will have you daydreaming about your next treat, even when you’re meant to be swimming! At over 4 feet tall in diameter when inflated this inflatable donut offers everything you need to enjoy a relaxed day at the pool, lake or at the beach. The Perfect Cool Summer Pool Floats for Adults and Kids For Lots Of Fun. Our large pool floaties is used by many customers to relax or just float in the river. You Know And We Know That You Deserve It!

Your kids will love this “51 inch Giant Donut Pool Float Lounger” they will enjoy chilling out by the pool and find every excuse not to come indoors. Jealous Neighbors Will Stare At You On Your Beautiful Donut Inner Tube Pool Float.

Donut Floats Main Features
★51 Inch Pool Floats.

★Over 4 Feet Tall In Diameter When Inflated.

★Durable And Strong.

★Top Quality And Thick Material.

★Fun Beach Toy

★Great Pool Floats For Adults.

★Fun Pool Float For Kids.

★Giant Sized Bite Donut, Inner Tube Pool Float Ride-On! Stacked With Mouthwatering Frosting And Colorful Sprinkles.

★Inflates And Deflates Quickly And Easily.

★Remain Fully Inflated Until You Release The Valve.

★Fun Birthday Or Holiday Gift!

★Easy To Pack For Vacations.

You Cannot Resist This Adorable Inflatable Pool Toy!

This inflatable pool lounger is perfect for everyone who loves their relaxed swimming sessions. Celebrities are having Fun with this Gorgeous Donut Floating Raft. Don’t feel left out. Get Yours Today!

(Colors May Vary)

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Product Features

  • ★ Giant Donut Inflatable Pool Floaties You Will Love ✓Large Red Pool Float For Adults And For Kids With Frosting ✓51″ Swimming Pool Floats And Inflatable Ride On Rafts For This Hot Summer. ✓Pool Toy inflatable Floatie With Colorful Sprinkles For Family And Friends.
  • ★ Giant Pool Inflatables. ✓The Cutest And Best Big Swimming Pool Floats And Toys For The Pool Or Any Water Fun ✓RiffSpheres Inflatable Donut, Beach Or Pool Inner Tube Floats And Lounges Toys ✓Durable And Strong Donut Inner Tubes Float For The Pool ✓Experience Unlimmited Water Fun With Our Inflatable Pool Raft Float
  • ★ Hot Summer Water Inflatable Pool Floats For Adults And For Kids ✓Top Quality Inflatable For Pool Rafts ✓Our Pool Inflatables Has Long Lasting Color That Will Never Fade. ✓Stay Inflated Until You Release The Valve
  • ★ Large Pool Inflatable Donut Float Toy ✓This Giant Beautiful Donut Pool Float Swim Ring Is Over 4 Feet Tall In Diameter When Inflated ✓Inflates And Deflates Quickly And Easily ✓Perfect For Relaxed Swimming Pool Sessions. ✓Perfect Gifts Ideas For Kids – Dad – Mom. You And Your Family And Friends Will Have Loads Of Fun. These Pool Inflatable Toys Is Suitable For Summer Fun – Birthdays – Pool Party And Christmas Holidays Events. Use It To Relax Or Just Float In The River, You Deserve It!
  • ★ Hugh, Strong Red Donut Floatie With Bite Out Of It ✓Made Of Thick Vinyl Material With Delicious Frosting And Colorful Sprinkles ✓Great For Pool Party ✓Great For Valentine Day Gifts ✓Great For Mother’s Day Gifts ✓Great For Summer Fun ✓Great For Halloween Pool Party Toys ✓Great For Kids Party ✓Gifts For Mom ✓Gifts For Dad ✓Gifts For Him ✓Gifts For Her ✓Great For Christmas Gift Basket ✓Great For A Stress Free Day In The Pool ✓At The Beach, And Lake