Tea Cup Coffee Mug Glassess Cups & Spoon Beautiful Unique Gift For Women Butterfly Rose (Rose Box)

In The Face Of Tiredness And Trouble In Daily Life, Drinking Tea Or Coffee From Such A Beautiful Cup Can Relax Your Body And Mind, And Get You Ready To Seize The Day!

Why drink your tea or coffee in a regular, boring mug, when you can enjoy it in this unique glass cup by Wind Life?

The Flower Teacup is a handmade enamel mug that every tea or coffee aficionado would want in their collection!

So if you love tea, coffee, unique handmade glassware, roses, and butterflies, this romantic glass coffee cup is for you.

A Mug Without A Spoon Is Like Cupid Without His Bow And Arrows!

Do you usually add some sugar or milk in your tea or coffee? Then you need a spoon to stir the beverage and mix those mouthwatering tastes!

The Wind Life glass coffee cup with the elaborate flowery handle comes with a just as beautiful matching spoon.

This spoon is stainless and heat-resistant, and you can use it to stir boiling hot beverages without any fear!

This Enamel Mug Seems Delicate, But It Is Incredibly Durable!

Our experienced craftspeople have used 100% healthy, environmentally friendly, safe and durable materials to create these one of a kind glass coffee cups.

The bright colors of the handles, base and spoon won’t fade, and the clear glass will remain translucent even if you use the handmade glass mug daily.

Get The Enamel Mug For Yourself Or A Friend!

If you are still worried about what gift to give your best friends, family member, or loved one, this glass tea cup is the best choice!

Anyone would appreciate such a dreamy coffee mug, and they would put it to use immediately!

So what are you waiting for? Get a Wind Life flower handmade mug for someone special in your life, or for yourself, because you deserve it!

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Product Features

  • THE MOST BEAUTFUL MUG: Have you seen a more beautiful glass coffee mug? Trust us, the pictures don’t do it justice! Wind Life presents you with the Flower Teacup, a dreamy enamel mug with butterfly and rose flower designs on it. The clear, translucent glass mug will become your favorite glassware, and it can even be used as a decorative piece for your kitchen and house!
  • UNIQUE HANDMADE TEACUPS: The Wind Life glass cups are handmade by skillful professional craftspeople who pay attention to detail. Since all of our glass mugs are handmade, they’re not completely identical. So you can be sure that if you place an order, no one else in this world will have a glass coffee cup that will be exactly the same as yours!
  • MATCHING STAINLESS SPOON: Each handmade tea mug comes with its own matching spoon, so that you can add sugar to your tea and coffee and stir it thoroughly with ease and style. The matching spoon is stainless and it can withstand the temperature of hot drinks, so don’t be afraid to use it, even if your beverage is boiling hot!
  • FOR HOT AND COLD DRINKS: You can use this fairytale-like enamel mug to drink any kind of beverage you want – coffee, tea, juice, soda, lemonade, wine, cocktails, water. Whether your drink is hot or cold, nothing will happen to the thick, high quality glass of this handmade cup. Just because it is handmade, it doesn’t mean that this glass mug is too delicate.
  • THE PERFECT GIFT: Thanks to its wonderful combination of art and practicality, the Wind Life enamel coffee cup is the perfect gift for a friend, lover, family member, or teacher. The handmade glass mug is also a great wedding, engagement, anniversary, and birthday gifts. Once that special someone opens the gift-ready packaging, they will immediately fall in love with this enamel mug set!