Unique Housewarming Gifts for New Home Owners – Traditional Italian Gift Basket for Happiness, Good Luck, Prosperity & More – Beautiful Hostess Gifts, Wedding Present, New Mom & Dad, or Moving Gift

Benedici questa casa con gioia e amore
Bless this home with joy and love

Included: Salt: Your tears will be happy ones and your life will always have flavor and spice.
Sourced from Casina Rossa of pure sea salt enhanced with lively flavors of the area.

Bread: You will never go hungry.
Sourced from L’Ultimo Forno heavenly bakeries, these crisp Tarallini crackers are a perfect snack infused with hot pepper for a kick!

Wood: Your life and home will always have stability, harmony and peace.
Small spoons handcrafted from olive wood to last a lifetime.

Candles: You will always have light.
Sourced from 5B&Co Candlemakers our candles are soy wax hand poured scents created specifically for these gift baskets.

Broom: You can sweep away the evil.
Sourced from the Farmers House our hearty whisk broom with woven handle embraces, enhances, and supports the lives of youth and adults with developmental disabilities.

Coin: You will have good fortune.
One authentic euro for good luck.

For centuries around the world, including Italy, the tradition of bestowing house warming offerings on friends and family representing the truly important things in life has been practiced. Each element evokes well wishes for a long happy life in a new home. A meaningful start for a wondrous journey. Each gift is beautifully packaged with an enclosure card inside an envelope with Florentine lining. Careful attention is given to the whole experience from the moment the box is received.

Product Features

  • HOUSEWARMING GIFTS: Relive historic tradition, for hundreds of years, all over the world, and especially in Italy, the tradition of bestowing housewarming gifts for family and friends that represent the important things in life has been practiced and passed on from generation to generation. Each element evokes well wishes for a long happy life in a new home. A meaningful start for a wonderous journey.
  • AUTHENTIC ITALIAN GIFTS: Present your friends, family, clients or co-workers with a beautiful, practical and luxury gift basket that blesses the home and fills it with good vibes. This Italian gift box includes the 6 elements that bestow good luck, prosperity, light, stability, harmony, peace, goodness and of course joy. This is a gourmet gift basket that lasts. ** This Deluxe housewarming box includes a woven red bowl, handmade and handpainted in Italy.
  • BEAUTIFUL PRESENTATION: Packaged with love and attention to detail, this housewarming gift for new homeowners will arrive with the Modigliani belly band. Included in this version is a handmade Italian gift that will last for years to come. Each new house gift is packaged with an enclosure card inside an envelope with Florentine lining.
  • MAKE AN IMPRESSION: This gourmet gift basket is sure to impress. It is a unique house warming present, that delights from the moment you hand them the box and lasts as they can use the luxury Italian gifts that are inside around their home. The cozy home box looks great sitting on a gift table and requires no wrapping.
  • DETAILS MATTER: In the busiest moments of our lives, like moving into a new home, starting a new job, a new life, or becoming a new mom and dad, the little details can have a big impact on our state of mind. Something as simple as a housewarming gift basket can delight and surprise, this gourmet gift basket isn’t a burden filled with junk food or bath soaps but is entirely useful and meaningful. Wouldn’t you love to receive this?